[DARKRP] Starter Pack
20 AUD
  • Non Permanent
• Exclusive jobs (SRG and SRG CMR)
• Exclusive models in the wardrobe (8 extra)
• Exclusive tool access (stacker and advanced dupe)
• Extra textscreens (5 more than users, total of 10)
• Extra printer (donator printer)
• Access to coloured text in chatbox
• Spawn with climb swep
• An additional 50 props (total of 150)
• An additional 5 pocket spaces (total of 15)
• Access to all custom chat colours with !chatcolour
• Access to supporter only discord voice and text channel (this is not automatic, contact a staff member to have this given)
• Server Announcement On First Connection After Donation.

Expires in 60 days
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